We own, operate, and scale direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands.


Are you interested in an exit? Have you thought about entering into a partnership to scale your brand?

Renaissance Management acquires, operates, and scales eCommerce brands. Our goal is to acquire brands and scale them while keeping the purpose and vision of the business alive.
Our extensive eCommerce experience, team, and platform gives us the ability to scale brands to realize their full potential.

We’re experts in managing and scaling all facets of eCommerce; from Shopify to Amazon. Over the past five years, we’ve built and operated multiple 7-figure, purpose-driven brands with significant brand followings.


Renaissance Management believes in operating with integrity and loyalty to create value for each person involved in doing business with us.

Win-Win Relationship



Continue & Grow Your Vision




We’re experts in operating, managing and scaling eCommerce brands. Our platform is built around real-time key performance indicator dashboards that allow us to track and measure
each aspect of our business. Our managers are responsible for managing
and improving our KPIs to help realize the goals of each brand managed under our portfolio.

We have an in-house team of developers, project managers, customer support staff, warehouse staff, supply and inventory managers, marketers, and a dedicated executive team who work in
to manage and scale our portfolio of brands.

When it comes to scaling to 7-8 figures, most businesses don’t have the systems and team to manage the growth. Scaling isn’t the most important thing, but achieving top
customer satisfaction and seamless operations while realizing this growth is what we feel is most important. We believe it isn’t worth scaling if brand integrity is compromised.

Let us take you to the next level


Russell Symes


Russell Symes has been involved in e-commerce since 2001 with his first business that he started on eBay. After taking a brief break from e-commerce, Russell has launched multiple 7-figure brands within a few years.
Russell is an expert in building brands and scaling them. He focuses on building brands with high return buyer rates. He currently serves as the CEO of Renaissance Management and uses his skills as a visionary to grow the company.
Owning a portfolio of 7-figure brands has resulted in the platform/system Renaissance Management uses to manage, operate, and scale multiple brands.

John Carlisle


John is a great example of someone who was supposed to be a statistic.. and uplifted himself through lifestyle and mindset to becoming a successful entrepreneur

John was in a gang and did 10 years in prison to becoming a business-owner and self-made millionaire.

All within 2 years of his release

Corey M. Niggel


Corey M. Niggel is a certified Public Accountant with over 10 years experience in the accounting field.
Mr Niggel started his career in the manufacturing industry, but for the past 5+ years he has been primarily focused on helping a wide variety of eCommerce businesses. Over his career, he has gained experience in management, budgeting and forecasting while working with firms in various industries.


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